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Hello and welcome to EnerChi Vibes

My name is Marlene and I’m a Mind, Body and Spirit Coach. I work with the physical, emotional and spiritual to help people achieve optimal wellness in their day-to-day life. 

My journey before I became a Mind, Body, Spirit Coach...  has been both professional and geographical... I was born in London and at 7 years of age moved with my family to Sydney, Australia where I developed my love for the great outdoors, particularly the sea.

My roots brought me back to London.  My intention was to visit family and travel around Europe, then return to Sydney.  Well, I never factored in that I would land a job in Harrods as a Customer Services Manager and meet my future husband! 

Fast forward to now, we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary this year (2018) and live in Saint Albans with our two children.

My career took a sharp turn into the corporate side of the private medical world, holding senior positions for the next 20 years. In that time working with consultants, medics and patients gave me a great insight into the workings of the mind, body and spirit.

My greatest learning was that I needed to fulfil my ambition, my passion, to use my skills and work in what is considered to be non-conventional medicine, yet has clear and real benefits.

I started with energy healing and now offer a range of methods and techniques that I use in my work with my clients.

"I Don't Know Why I'm Telling You This..."

It's an expression I'm all too familiar with since my teenage years.  People just open up to me about the goings on in their world.  We connect.  As an empath, I feel their story.  I can quickly get to the crux of people’s challenges, the unsaid stuff, and intuitively guide them towards feeling lighter.

I couldn’t explain why I knew the things I knew, I just did.  Weren’t we all the same? I found out the hard way that we are not all the same.

I spent many years fearful of being judged and bullied because of my connection, visions and intuition.  I just wanted to fit in, therefore, I denied my "gifts" just so that I could fit in with the "norm".  As a result, I felt disempowered and unhappy. 

Fortunately, I eventually faced my greatest fear - my gifts - and I am forever grateful that I did, as it has empowered me to be..... me. 

What Being A Mind, Body, Spirit Coach Means To Me?

My intention is to help people take control of their life, by supporting them in achieving their life goals by using the tools and skills that I teach in order to apply them in the everyday.

People typically see me for conditions such as depression and anxiety, no matter how logical, skeptical or spiritual they are. I do make a difference, and often one that is life-changing and long-lasting.  

Each and every one of us is on the journey of life and inevitably, it’s filled with ups and downs. Sometimes, we know exactly where we’re going, land a promotion easily, find the person we’re destined to be with. Sometimes though, all of these things seem completely out of reach and happiness impossible. At some point, everyone gets stuck with something.

We ask and tell ourselves things like: Is this the right relationship? Am I good enough? I don’t feel I can get over this drastic life experience. I can’t cope. Why can’t I get myself together? I can’t see a way out; overwhelmed with our emotions.  As such, we find ourselves in vicious cycles and often repeat these same patterns by avoiding our feelings. These cycles and patterns need to be understood and healed.

I work with people from all walks of life, offering support with any kind of challenge, using therapies that are most suited to them and their needs. 

Why my services are split into Mind, Body and Spirit categories

My treatments are split into these categories to help people easily find the service they’re looking for. Most often though, a mix of these treatments will be the best approach and can be discussed at the first session.

The Mind Services are mostly clinical, psychologically based, or resolving around mental perspectives and the way we think.  They each provide a service which is in some measure scientifically backed – reassuring the most logically minded clients.

The Body Services stem from my long-running reflexology practice, a range of treatments for different areas of the body, with different goals.  Each is focused on helping a client get the most from their body.

The Spiritual services range from the clinical end of the spectrum with Sound Therapy and spread through to include Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Healing, Reiki, and Past Life Regression among others. These are less mainstream and tap into the belief that I have in the powers and forces around me. I’ve helped others like this for years – whether they believe in the same things as me or just believe in my ability to help.  Some consider it my gift, some consider it the thing that makes me stand out from the crowd.

My treatments can help address many issues such as:

 Long-term conditions that haven't been helped through conventional approaches 

Career direction

Relationship difficulties

Fertility and pregnancy-related issues






Panic attacks


(this is not an exhaustive list)

I am committed to maintaining the highest clinical & professional standards in my practice & undertake regular professional development as part of this drive for excellence.

How would you explain your “gift” ?

I am sensitive.  At one time, I would have told you that my sensitivity was a weakness.  Now, I understand that my sensitivity is my greatest strength, as it enables me to hone into picking up the unsaid stuff, the emotions in others.  Prior to setting up EnerChi Vibes, I would come across these beautiful souls in the most random of places, with different backgrounds, different belief systems and all beautiful in their uniqueness.  I found that through connection and intuition I could literally pull these people out from their confusion and despair.

Over the years I have explored what makes me the person I am today and it's true that your vibe attracts your tribe.

I have met my tribe, by connecting with like-minded people on the courses that I now have Qualifications for and have arrived home. 

Vibes speak louder than words!


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EnerChi Vibes Reviews

How Clients Feel About Marlene
Marlene's clients are asked to leave reviews on the EnerChi Vibes Facebook page so that visitors can see they're genuine and organic reviews. The feedback is consistently 5* and a credit to Marlene's work.

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  • How Intuitive Talk Therapy can help you
  • Did you know that I offer Online sessions?
  • Grounding yourself with the Earth
  • Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology in St Albans
  • Healing with Archetypes
  • Reflexology – It just works!
  • The Symbology & Values of the EnerChi Vibes Brand

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