Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology in St Albans

Reflexology is a versatile form of therapy, which is proven to benefit a wide range of clients with varied ailments, symptoms, and conditions. EnerChi Vibes offers a broad spectrum of reflexology services, including specialist fertility and pregnancy reflexology in St Albans.  

What is fertility reflexology and what are the benefits?

pregnancy 644071 640Fertility and Pregnancy reflexology is a specialised branch of reflexology. I have completed specialist training and have a diploma in Fertility, Pregnancy and Postnatal Reflexology.

Fertility reflexology is designed to target the parts of the body that play a role in preparing for pregnancy and elevating the chances of conception. Reflexology can restore balance, promote relaxation and help to ensure that the body and mind are in optimum condition. This can aid conception and help women to prepare for fertility treatment.

Fertility reflexology can benefit women with a range of health complications that pose a risk to natural conception, including:

  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Cervical problems
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Endometriosis
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Menstrual problems

The aim of reflexology sessions is to target points that play a part in the body’s preparation for conception, including the ovaries, the lymphatic system, the immune system, the liver and kidneys, the endocrine (hormonal) system, and the uterus. I provide bespoke fertility reflexology sessions, which are tailored to the needs of the individual client. As well as helping to condition the body in a physical sense, fertility reflexology can also eliminate stress and anxiety, both of which are common by-products of struggling to conceive. Reflexology is suitable for both men and women, and it can really help to induce calm and keep stress at bay.

Pregnancy reflexology in Saint Albans

woman 1246318 640

Reflexology offers an array of benefits for pregnant women, and it is considered a safe and effective therapy. Pregnancy reflexology is different from other forms of reflexology because it focuses on the areas of the body that are linked specifically to pregnancy. Pregnancy causes a raft of symptoms, and often, one woman will experience completely different physical and emotional symptoms and changes to another. This is why it’s so important to tailor each session to the individual.

Pregnancy reflexology is designed to improve both the physical and mental health of the expectant mother, and it can be hugely relaxing. In the first trimester, when tiredness and morning sickness is very common, reflexology can help to alleviate symptoms and boost energy levels. As pregnancy progresses, reflexology sessions can promote comfort and relaxation, and offer expectant mums a chance to rest and enjoy some peace and quiet in the run-up to their due date. It’s very common for pregnant women to feel tired, achy, and anxious in the final stages, and targeted reflexology can reduce stress and help women to feel more confident and comfortable.

Reflexology offers a diverse range of benefits for couples that are experiencing difficulties conceiving, as well as pregnant women. I have extensive experience in these specialist forms of reflexology, and I tailor each session to the individual to achieve optimum results. Whether you’re having difficulty conceiving, or you’re struggling to get comfortable or to cope with the emotional strain of pregnancy, EnerChi Vibes can help.

Healing with Archetypes

An archetype is a "character" who represents a specific set of universal, recognisable behaviours.  

Is your inner child having a tantrum or needing a hug? 
Is your saboteur stopping you from achieving your dream?

I chose the image of Russian Dolls for my archetype blog because it's a lovely example of the mother archetype, represented as the largest out of the Russian dolls and her children are the smaller dolls that fit inside. Each stage of life is honoured by each doll, from the delicate simplicity of the tiniest doll, to the rich detail lavished on the largest. Each doll symbolises the slow and complex growth of human development, across the lifespan.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung founded analytical psychology and he's renowned for developing the theory of the collective unconscious, a realm of latent, suppressed information.  He theorised that mankind is connected by a massive collection of primitive images that are inherited from our ancestors (archetypes) and represent our collective unconscious, not accessible to our conscious minds. These universal archetypal "characters" are created from our shared memory of an experience, for example all cultures see the mother archetype as the person who gave birth to us as well as nature itself.

He defined 12 archetypes that appear in dreams, mythology, fairy tales and myths all over the world since the beginning of time:

  1. Rescuerthey rescue those in need.
  2. Victim- they feel that life is unfair. The victim holds on to past pain and deals with life destructively.
  3. Saboteur - can cause you to sabotage opportunities, resist healthy and enriching relationships, close your heart, and lose money.
  4. King/Queen - rulers of their individual kingdoms.
  5. Hero/Heroine - helps to improve the world.
  6. Mother/Father - are the first archetypes of human experience.
  7. Child - essential to our survival as it holds within it our earliest feelings of security and safety and we carry that sense with us throughout our lives.
  8. Magicianmakes dreams come true, creates something special.
  9. Judge - is keen to reward and punish.
  10. Warrior - heightened intuitive abilities, strength, and invincibility.
  11. Servant - engages aspects of our psyche that call us to make ourselves available to others for the benefit and enhancement of their lives.
  12. Sage - always seeking the truth.

We can observe archetypes in the characters of the stories we read, the films we watch and in advertising.
Each type will have its own set of values as well as a shadow and functional side. 

Why the healing of our archetypes is so important

Archetypes are the secret forces behind human behaviour as they reside in the unconscious, influencing our every move, without us realising. It's part of our psychospiritual evolution to work through deeply held psychological patterns. By healing with archetypes, we unearth these patterns by understanding how a particular archetype can be causing problems or blocks in our personal growth.

It doesn’t matter whether we are Christian, Hindu or Buddhist or not … the archetypes from all religions and cultures are programmed into our subconscious minds. If we do not reprogram these unconscious programs, they continue to run our lives outside of our conscious awareness.

More often than not, only one archetype tends to influence our personality.  However most, if not all, people can have several archetypes at play in their personality too. Some archetypes may be outgrown and need letting go of, others to be nurtured or recognised.

It is not only beneficial to know which archetypes are at play in oneself, but also which archetypes are dominating in others. Particularly in order to gain insight into the behaviours and motivations of loved ones, friends or colleagues in difficult or stressful relationships.

How I use archetypes in my work with clients

By tuning into these archetypal energies, I can help identify them bringing new insights into your healing journey. 

Archetypes are the secret forces behind human behaviour ~ because they reside in the unconscious, the part of our minds we aren’t aware of, they influence us without us knowing it; everything you do, think, and feel... and everyone around you in a similar way.

I will help you understand how your archetypes are expressing themselves through you and others. You can learn the patterns that influence most of human behaviour.

When you can observe an archetype operating within you, you have differentiated yourself from the archetype.

This differentiation is important because when you can separate yourself from an archetype, it’s less likely to influence your behaviour in a detrimental way.

I will help you understand your dominant archetypes, discover which ones are role-playing through you, and see how gaining this insight gives you a profound perspective on the lenses through which you are playing out your Life Purpose and life lessons. Once you understand the "language of archetypes" you have a powerful set of eyes with which to discern situations and interactions and empower yourself to make more conscious decisions.

The value of recognising your personal archetypes and how they show up in your life derives from how they help you understand your own behaviour and that of others.

For example:

  • You have plans to meet up with a friend and then had to cancel because you’re working late. When your friend gets angry over the last-minute cancellation, instead of getting angry back, you can say to yourself, “Oh, that’s just the Wounded Child speaking out.”

  • Similarly, how often do you notice that you identify a goal, take action toward it, and then do something that makes success impossible? Instead of accepting defeat, you might coach yourself by saying, “This has the fingerprints of my Saboteur all over it!”

With that insight, you can tap into the advantage of this archetype by figuring out what makes you fearful about the wanted success, plus how to eliminate the fear so you can move forward with confidence!

“Working with Archetypes” will give you a deep understanding of yourself and the archetypes you operate from and the insight to balance these archetypes. You will be able to check in with yourself to establish what needs to change or keep doing.

The Symbology & Values of the EnerChi Vibes Brand

Logo Breakdown

EnerChi Vibes

Symbology & values of the EnerChi Vibes brand

Created By

Orange Reel


May 2018

Our Services

EnerChi Vibes is a multifaceted business built around health and healing, on a foundation of three cornerstones: mindfulness, physicality and energy. Communicating these positions to an audience used to seeing them isolated from one another and in conflict with each other, we invoked symbology. After all, symbols make up a business - whether they're telling you the business recycles, uses Instagram, or more nuanced symbology like using country codes or psychological colour influences. We would build the brand from the cornerstones into something observable.

Sacred Geometry

To concentrate this into a visual, we turned to Sacred Geometry. This ancient and yet ever redefined coalescence of mathematic theory and metaphysical symbology is the perfect reflection of EnerChi Vibes' spiritual therapies and clinical psychological services. As with most symbols, their power comes from our ability to recognise both their aesthetic attributes and the power that cultures and societies give them - it's the difference between a horizontal and vertical stick vs the holy Christian cross. That connection between visual and understanding is also present within the logo of EnerChi Vibes.

The harmony of the world is made manifest in Form and Number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of Natural Philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty.

Not an unusual shape by any standard - but definitely an undervalued.  Ask any engineer the strongest shape for supporting weight? It's a simple shape but integrated into every area of modern design

An old and classic symbol - one that's been reinvented many times.  The pagan symbol is now frequently used as logos for churches.  But it's not religious in its nature - it merely represents the unity of 3.  Any 3. Such as Mind, Body, Spirit.

When it comes to sacred geometry - this is the world cup of shapes.  It embodies and combines the best of all shapes.  Understanding its complexities can take a while, and even then there are often more revelations and connections to make

Building the concept

The whole of an individual treated at EnerChi Vibes is the triangular connection between mind, body and spirit.  That triangle is the start, without recognition of which nothing else can follow.  The next simplest shape we’ve used Is the hexagon - though used here (as will be demonstrated later) as the containing shape for the seed of life - known together as Metatron's Cube.  In Judeo-Christian religions, Metatron is an Angel and the scribe of God - emblematic of the need to recognise, record and look back on ourselves and our wellbeing.  EnerChi Vibes is a secular organisation, the scribe could just as easily be embodied as Thoth (of the Egyptian Pantheon) or the Scribes of the Prophet (as in Islam).  However, the concept of EnerChi Vibes acting as a scribe for their clients is not an alien one.  It is by recognising, reflecting and/or looking back on ourselves that we can look forward, but that doesn’t have to be done alone. This combination already shows us the shape of the Merkabah - whilst this is a symbol seen again and again in religion and culture throughout points of history, for the connection to EnerChi Vibes it is best summarised as the analogy it represents to the Chassids of Hasidic Judaism - "A person should strive to be like a Merkabah, that is to say, he should realise all the different qualities, talents and inclinations he has".

Sacred Geometry in the EnerChi Vibes logo

The triquetra is the second most recognisable symbol from the brand perspective, a symbol over five thousand years old attributed to non-organised religious cultures such as Norse and Celtic societies.  Here we further the Mind, Body, Spirit thesis from the connection of the triangle to the interconnected, centralised state of the triquetra. Not only do each of our Mind, Body, and Spirit interact individually, but combine to show the person. As we move towards the end of the symbols we’ve incorporated, the last to plainly recognise is the Seed of Life.  Attributed initially to Euclid in the 3rd century BCE it has been nicknamed the mother of geometry because this symbol has so many mathematical possibilities and connections.  Whilst more recent symbolic references refer to the seed as a new beginning, opportunity or path (which is definitely a relevant link for clients of EnerChi Vibes) the shape has had many incarnations – such as an icon of a rose – depicted in the “rose window “of Saint Stephen’s cathedral in Vienna, a 2nd century CE Roman mosaic in France.  However, the incorporation to the EnerChi Vibes logo focuses on it’s other two best know representations: the sun/star, and a symbol of protection.  The suns’ illumination of paths ahead is a common theme in both psychological and spiritual treatments, and there’s no doubt that the fundamental premise in all of the work EnerChi Vibes endeavours with clients and colleagues alike, that protection and a safe place to feel are ever-present.  We’ve demonstrated that with an illuminated star at each point in the seed of life when its circles intersect; these stars encircle the entire symbol and experience of EnerChi vibes. Finally, the flower of life.  It’s not a visible symbol in the same way as the triangle or triquetra is. This symbol instead represents real life (both its symbological meaning in the cultural sense, and its visual depiction in the brand).     

The Result


 First notice The Flower of Life – This initially complex looking design is essentially circles.  In a similar way to EnerChi Vibes offering simple services in different aspects and stages of life, which then form this more intense overall view. The natural symbol to highlight next is the Seed of Life - an icon which lines up with the interconnecting circles of life and represents protection and the sun.  Unlike the eternal flower of life, the seed of life represents just one part and the potential it holds.  The same is true with clients - there is no one-click service we offer to solve every collision of circles in life, but we work with clients one step at a time to help them reach the potential on offer. Whilst all our intersecting circles are clear, let’s look at what's called the Vesica Piscis – in mathematical terms, it’s the oval formed from the overlapping of two discs, such as that in a Venn diagram.  Or more aptly for us, the three Vesica Piscis formed at the centre of our Seed of Life which form the Triquetra.  The interconnection of Mind, Body, and Spirit within the protection of EnerChi Vibes upon life itself. Looking at the points made between our Flower of Life, Seed of Life, and Triquetra, we can see the formation of the Merkabah.  This amazing mathematical symbol reaches to every point of those used in the logo.  The merkabah quote used above is beautifully emblematic of our clients striving to realise all the qualities, talents, and inclinations available to them. Introducing our hexagon portion of Metatron’s Cube, we demonstrate each point of the hexagon combining with the exact position of the Seed of Life over the Flower of Life. This is Metatron’s Cube in two dimensions!  This represents the scribe in us all and for us, the opportunity for recognition, reflection, and/or looking back with EnerChi Vibes. Then at the very centre, after we’ve examined, overlapped, and engaged symbols (both geometric and emblematic) you’ll find the Triangle of Mind, Body, Spirit.  All three, together – regardless of perspectives or events, just compassionate consideration of the Mind, Body and Spirit. This is what you’ll find at the core of EnerChi Vibes.

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Reflexology – It just works!

Today I had a lovely conversation with a client who asked me the million dollar question … “So how does reflexology really work?”

I took a deep breath and lined up all my reasons and proof and rattled them off passionately to her. To which she replied, “Oh, Ok. Well, I don’t care anyway because I love it and as I far as I am concerned it just works!” Yes, that’s right …Reflexology just works.

Reflexology is an excellent complementary therapy that is based on the principle that the entire human body is mapped out on the feet and hands. 

The dictionary definition of a “Reflex” is “an involuntary or instinctive movement in response to a stimulus” or in the sense of reflection or mirror image.

There are specific areas of the feet and hands which reflect different organs and systems of the body. Working these reflexes by the application of pressure through different techniques provides relaxation and brings the body back into a state of homeostasis by stimulating the body’s natural healing process. This ancient art originated from the Chinese and Eastern traditions and has expanded over time and now being practiced in complementary health care clinics, hospitals and nursing homes all over the world.

Reflexology is a well-established holistic therapy which treats the mind and body as a whole to achieve a state of general well-being. An increasing number of people are using this safe, natural therapy as a way of relaxing and harmonizing the body.

A single session of reflexology can have a marvelous effect on one's well-being and deeply enhance physical, emotional and mental health. Reflexology has also been known to reduce:

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PMT 
  • Constipation 
  • Fatigue 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Improve digestion 
  • Increase mental clarity 
  • Improve circulation

During a reflexology session, a state of deep relaxation is created in the body, interrupting the pattern of stress and bringing balance to the body and its systems where there is an imbalance.

Not everyone believes that reflexology just works. Several documented research studies have taken place in the US and around the world which conclude the positive effects of reflexology.

  • Anxiety – Williamson et al (2002) found that both reflexology and foot massage reduced anxiety and depression in postmenopausal women.
  • Cancer Treatment – In a controlled study with 87 patients, Hodgson (2000) found 100% improvement in the reflexology group in quality of life categories of appearance, appetite, breathing, communication (with doctors, family, nurses), concentration, constipation/diarrhoea, fear of future, isolation, mobility, mood, nausea, pain, sleep/tiredness. The placebo group reported 67.6% improvement in these categories.
  • Migraine/Tension Headache Brendstrup & Launse (1997) conducted a study in which 78 reflexologists treated 220 patients, the majority of whom had moderate to severe headache symptoms. Three months after completing a reflexology session, 65% of patients reported that reflexology helped with symptoms, 19% stopped taking headache medications, and 16% stated that reflexology was a “cure.”
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Oleson & Flocco (1993) conducted a randomized, controlled study with 35 women with 38 premenstrual symptoms. The women recorded their symptoms on a 4-point scale in a daily diary. Symptoms were recorded for two months before reflexology therapy, two months during, and two months after. Results showed that 46% of the women had improved symptoms (such as less anxiety, depression, fatigue, or difficulty sleeping) with reflexology alone.

One of my friends made a comment the other day how her feet were always sore. This made me realize something. Our feet are far too often neglected and abused by wearing uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes. Reflexology or not there are so many reasons why we should be taking better care of our feet. We owe it to ourselves.

Our feet are our basic foundation, they ground us to the earth and are our connection to its energy, and they are the bearer of all our weight. Maintaining a solid connection with the earth helps to keep us grounded which helps to balance the whole body. It is important to pay close attention to our feet and care for them properly to keep our connection to the earth clear and strong. 

Do we really pay enough attention to our feet? I certainly didn’t until I started studying reflexology. I convinced myself that a monthly deluxe pedicure at the local day spa was enough when in fact my feet were so badly neglected and sore. In many ways, the state of my feet were actually very accurate reflections of my life. There was a time in my life where I did not really care about myself or my body. This is no longer the case. Reflexology has become a valuable tool for me. It complements all other areas of personal growth. It has become a real asset in my life and the lives of people I work with. It has helped me value myself and my body more than I ever have. Reflexology to me is a truly wonderful approach to health. I’ve seen it change lives. It certainly changed mine. Profoundly.

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