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Many of my clients leave generous reviews sharing their experiences and interactions with me and EnerChi Vibes.

Susan P. AvatarSusan P.
Marlene’s support and guidance helped me to gain a profound understanding of myself, emotions and thought patterns. All our sessions were conducted on Zoom, and the connection and support I experienced were very powerful despite the physical distance. The convenience... read more - 18-09-2023 
Lucy F. AvatarLucy F.
I’ve been seeing Marlene for around a year now and she’s helped me significantly! Even on Zoom, she creates an environment where I feel comfortable and tailors her approach when talking to me to get the most out of our... read more - 02-08-2023 
Parita D. AvatarParita D.
Marlene is brilliant and has helped me a lot - even with all our sessions via Zoom. I would highly recommend her. - 07-06-2023 
Coming Home Retreat Wonderful experience. Marlene's Coming Home Retreat focusing on all aspects of your wellbeing was truly nourishing, from the delicious food and surroundings to the workshops focusing on your feelings and triggers. Really insightful and practical leaving me feeling energised and... read more - 20-03-2023 
Dawn G
Coming Home Retreat This was the best gift I've ever given myself! Marlene's retreat was nourishing for the mind, body and soul, and I didn't realise how much I needed it until I was there. It was a wonderful experience and one I'll... read more - 17-03-2023 
Laura F. AvatarLaura F.
positive review  Having had a few online sessions with EnerChi Vibes I can’t recommend her intuition, compassion and kindness highly enough. - 09-11-2022 
Nicola S. AvatarNicola S.
I had such a wonderful experience when working with Marlene, all of our sessions were via zoom and it really didn’t diminish them at all, if anything I’d say it was an extra positive for me because I was able... read more - 29-09-2022 
Luna Greyton
Transformative and Insightful I would highly recommend Marlene’s intuitive coaching sessions. I was initially apprehensive that we’d be unable to build rapport on Zoom but I felt deep unconditional positive regard from Marlene and she really seemed to get me (sometimes to an... read more - 01-08-2022 
Lauren L. AvatarLauren L.
Marlene is nothing short of amazing. Really helped me in my hour of need and looking forward to more sessions with her. Couldn't recommend her services more! - 27-04-2022 
Lauren D. AvatarLauren D.
I have had several appointments with Marlene at EnerChi Vibes and am so impressed and grateful for how incredibly beneficial the sessions have been. I’ve received energy healing before and have also seen counsellors and coaches, but have never seen... read more - 26-03-2022 

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