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Many of my clients leave generous reviews sharing their experiences and interactions with me and EnerChi Vibes.

Ericka F. AvatarEricka F.
I have been in therapy with Marlene since August 2023 and it is the best thing I could have ever done. From the start she made me feel comfortable and in a few sessions I already started to see improvement on my issues. She is very professional but also very human. She helped me get through a very difficult time in my life and I wholeheartedly believe I couldn’t have done it without her. I now feel more empowered and capable of facing life’s challenges and also learned invaluable tools to control my emotions to lead a more balanced life. I 100% recommend her. - 30-04-2024 
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Juliette C. AvatarJuliette C.
I had several online consultations with Marlene after my role at work came up for consultation. I found it really helpful to talk to her in a confidential, kind and objective space - helping me to seek clarity on work / life balance. Speaking via Zoom felt like being in the same room and I’m so grateful for the sessions. Much appreciated, thanks Marlene x - 02-04-2024 
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Jessica T. AvatarJessica T.
I was recommended Marlene from a friend and had never really had therapy before so wasn't sure what to expect. Through the sessions I've been able unpack how I'm feeling, understand people around me and learn about my reactions and how I feel about certain situations and events that have taken place. I come out feeling self validated and altogether lighter. I've not had someone in my life to talk to like this before and finding Marlene really has helped me get through the last year. At first I had doubts about only meeting on zoom. But I really felt a connection with Marlene from the very start. Having zoom sessions hasn't affected me being able to open up and in fact there's a comfort in taking the calls from home. Marlene's been a great help to me and I've gained a deeper understanding of my past as well as being taught some techniques to help guide my future. For now, I'm continuing my sessions and I look forward to the next one. - 03-03-2024 
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Natalie C. AvatarNatalie C.
Marlene is not only wonderful at what she does but is also a wonderful person to learn from. Marlene’s approach touches on mind, body and soul so her approach is refreshingly holistic and works very well remotely. Thank you Marlene. - 21-01-2024 
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Anna P. AvatarAnna P.
Marlene has helped me through a very stressful period and thanks to her support my mental wellbeing has massively improved. Marlene was recommended to me by a fellow nutritionist. I've never met Marlene in person and all of our sessions have been on Zoom, which I find very convenient - I don't have to travel saving time and money. Marlene is very friendly, approachable, down-to-earth, and also affordable. Her support has been invaluable to me. - 21-01-2024 
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Shanelle N. AvatarShanelle N.
Marlene is extraordinary in what she does. I’ve been having zoom sessions for almost a year now and they have been invaluable in helping me learn, grow and heal. Marlene is so kind, insightful, intelligent and compassionate among other wonderful things. It’s not an understatement to say she has helped change my life in the most amazing of ways! 💛 - 12-01-2024 
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Scott C. AvatarScott C.
I worked with Marlene as I learned more about my own mental health and life wellbeing. We had about five or six sessions together but it never felt like I was being forced in to committing to more sessions; with new dates being made at my pace. Never having tried any sort of counselling or therapy before, I was instantly reassured by Marlene’s professional yet personal nature, and found the more direct and constructive approach to our discussions highly beneficial. I also found the Zoom meetings easily fit in to my schedule. I’ve already recommended Marlene to a few of my friends purely because of how accessible and useful I found the sessions. - 01-12-2023 
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Susan P. AvatarSusan P.
Marlene’s support and guidance helped me to gain a profound understanding of myself, emotions and thought patterns. All our sessions were conducted on Zoom, and the connection and support I experienced were very powerful despite the physical distance. The convenience of attending virtual sessions from the comfort of my home allowed me to be more relaxed during our discussions and Marlene was able to create a safe and nurturing environment. The virtual sessions never hindered the strong connection I experienced but gave me an opportunity to focus on my thoughts and emotions without any distractions. - 18-09-2023 
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Lucy F. AvatarLucy F.
I’ve been seeing Marlene for around a year now and she’s helped me significantly! Even on Zoom, she creates an environment where I feel comfortable and tailors her approach when talking to me to get the most out of our sessions. I actually feel energised after our sessions which I think speaks volumes! - 02-08-2023 
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Parita D. AvatarParita D.
Marlene is brilliant and has helped me a lot - even with all our sessions via Zoom. I would highly recommend her. - 07-06-2023 
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