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Many of my clients leave generous reviews sharing their experiences and interactions with me and EnerChi Vibes.

Lauren L. AvatarLauren L.

Marlene is nothing short of amazing. Really helped me in my hour of need and looking forward to more sessions with her. Couldn't recommend her services more! - 27-04-2022 

Lauren D. AvatarLauren D.

I have had several appointments with Marlene at EnerChi Vibes and am so impressed and grateful for how incredibly beneficial the sessions have been. I’ve received energy healing before and have also seen counsellors and coaches, but have never seen... read more - 26-03-2022 


My friend recommended Marlene to help me deal with some emotional issues that had contributed to my adrenal fatigue. I found her to be insightful, pragmatic and intuitive. She often knew what was on my mind at the start of... read more - 02-12-2021 

Jane N

Rose Quartz oil diffuser I purchased the Rose Quartz oil diffuser and am delighted with it. A beautiful gift to myself for my bedside table! It not only looks pretty on the heart shaped slate, the oil smells simply divine. I have enjoyed smelling... read more - 30-11-2021 

Yulia AvatarYulia

Marlene is an invaluable resource and I'm grateful to have her in my corner. Marlene was recommended to me by a friend at a time when I was looking to get back in touch with my intuition and get clarity before making some pending decisions. After the first few online sessions, it was clear... read more - 23-11-2021 

Rachael F. AvatarRachael F.

Marlene is an incredible person to bring into your life. She is insightful, wise, intuitive, so knowledgeable, so interesting, and just wonderful to work with. I think everyone, everywhere should have a bit of what Marlene has to offer. I... read more - 01-11-2021 

Olivia G. AvatarOlivia G.

Marlene is an amazing lady with a warm, healing energy. She has a real gift for her work and I have come away from her sessions feeling refreshed. Having tried CBT before with varying results, her techniques to help me... read more - 04-09-2021 

m s. Avatarm s.

Marlene guided me to shift my inner perspective, to help me see things in a way I never had. To help me heal old wounds, to see my way forward. Her gift in gently, kindly but firmly encouraging... read more - 27-07-2021 

talia k. Avatartalia k.

THANK YOU MARLENE I discovered Marlene whilst scrolling through Google in attempt to make sense of a whirlwind of emotions that I could no longer harness.

Having tried more traditional therapies and telling myself ‘you should be grateful for the life you have...
read more - 07-06-2021 

Helen C. AvatarHelen C.

positive review  To attempt to summarise in a short paragraph all the wonderful skills and talents Marlene has is impossible. She is like no other. Amazing foresight, advice, help, encouragement, guidance, care and understanding. Marlene has been a game changer for... read more - 12-05-2021 

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