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Quondam Selves™ Retreat

The Coming Home Retreat

an invitation to emerge from beneath life’s emotional rubble, to reveal the true Self.

9th – 12th March 2023

Devon, United Kingdom

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A Great Success!
Coming Home Retreat Wonderful experience. Marlene's Coming Home Retreat focusing on all aspects of your wellbeing was truly nourishing, from the delicious food and surroundings to the workshops focusing on your feelings and triggers. Really insightful and practical leaving me feeling energised and motivated. Highly recommend the retreat to anyone looking to re-energise and gain helpful tools to cope with everyday life. Thank you Marlene, David, Tam, Antony and Clarissa xx - 20-03-2023 
Dawn G
Coming Home Retreat This was the best gift I've ever given myself! Marlene's retreat was nourishing for the mind, body and soul, and I didn't realise how much I needed it until I was there. It was a wonderful experience and one I'll always hold dear to my heart. From reflective and soul searching workshops to amazing food, a beautiful setting and fabulous people - what Marlene has created is truly special. - 17-03-2023 

Not an event to miss

I have created a trial retreat to introduce Quondam Selves™ by exploring how your past lives may be affecting your present and future selves. By shining a light on those lives that might be stuck in the past and integrating them into our present life we are finding our quondam self.

Benefits of the retreat:

  • Receive practical guidance on how to navigate life more smoothly through inner work.
  • Learn tools to improve your relationship with yourself.
  • Gain knowledge about how to reframe your Quondam Selves.

  • How to better support yourself as an adult in triggering moments.
  • Become less reactive to what triggers you in life.
  • Equine therapy (no experience necessary)
  • Find more self-acceptance, appreciation, and self-love to embrace all parts of yourself.
  • Practice journaling, meditation, breathing exercises, walking, and horse therapy.
  • Experience self-care in a stunning space with good healthy vegan food, comfortable accommodation, and a beautiful setting in fresh air while surrounded by nature
  • Enjoy time to reflect and grow in a supportive environment with like-minded people.

A fully immersive and enriching 4 days of connection, reflection and integration designed to re-activate your own magic and raise your vibration.

A fully immersive and enriching 4 days of connection, reflection and integration designed to re-activate your own magic and raise your vibration.

The Coming Home Retreat will be a deep, but gentle dive into your subconscious realm, where you can compassionately understand and make peace with the parts of you that have been forgotten, traumatised, hurt, ignored or suppressed that are chipping away at your self-love.  Giving you space to let go of grief, archaic belief systems, old stories, guilt and shame and at the same time learn to be loving and compassionate towards ourselves and others. 

Make 2023 a year of self love and expansion.

Your Hosts

You will be looked after by Marlene, David, Tamsin and Anthony and we will help you unpack your emotional baggage by helping you transform your life from the inside out by:

  1. Discovering how Trapped Emotions might be holding you back
  2. Exposing which emotions they are and where they may have come from
  3. Identify the root causes of the imbalances in your life.

We will teach strategies to improve your quality of life by peeling back the layers of your conditioning and archaic beliefs, through our combined skills and knowledge to reconnect you to a part of you that has been left behind ~ embracing your Quondam Self.

Marlene Enerchivibes


Retreat Leader – Founder of EnerChi Vibes & creator of Quondam Selves™

Learn more about Marlene here.

Meditation Leader

Support Team

-Healer and Coach

Tamsin and Anthony
-Guardians of Collacott Farm and Equestrian Centre and Riding School

– Nobu Trained Vegan Chef

Our Venue

Collacott Farm


Get back in touch with your nature and Mother Nature.

Collacott Farm has a farmhouse and eight self-contained holiday cottages, all of which have been converted from barns, and set around an old cobbled courtyard with an original pond, surrounded by an equestrian centre and land with many trees, some pasture, several springs and a very ancient well.  The perfect place to relax and unwind. The cottages are cosy and comfortable, retaining original features, such as wooden beams and fireplaces. 

Vegan Food

Nobu Trained Vegan Chef

Every meal will be vegan, gluten-free, healthy and delicious. A menu that is vibrant and bursting with flavour, giving a colourful and exciting plate full of goodness, with interesting tastes & contrasting textures with every mouthful. It is all made with natural, wholesome ingredients; the perfect fit for a retreat. Locally sourced seasonal ingredients and ensuring everything is as sustainable as possible.

Equine Therapy

A holistic, experiential and highly specialised form of therapy

Equine therapy is a holistic, experiential and highly specialised form of therapy that involves working in collaboration with a horse and an expert horse handler.

During the sessions, you don’t actually ride the horse. Instead, you carry out tasks such as feeding, grooming and leading the horse. After the session, you will have the chance to discuss your experience to help you to discover more about yourself and develop new ways of thinking.