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EnerChi Vibes Reviews

How do you rate your experience?

Aisling C. AvatarAisling C.
Marlene is a warm, inviting & professional therapist who puts the needs of her clients at the core of each session. She listens to understand you and offers valuable insights to encourage you to become reflective within the space of each session. I have gained so much from having met Marlene. She is a caring & tremendously gifted therapist who I am very privileged to know. I cannot recommend her sessions highly enough. - 31-03-2020 
Eva T. AvatarEva T.
I totally recommend Enerchi Vibes! Incredible! - 20-06-2019 
Coming Home Retreat Wonderful experience. Marlene's Coming Home Retreat focusing on all aspects of your wellbeing was truly nourishing, from the delicious food and surroundings to the workshops focusing on your feelings and triggers. Really insightful and practical leaving me feeling energised and motivated. Highly recommend the retreat to anyone looking to re-energise and gain helpful tools to cope with everyday life. Thank you Marlene, David, Tam, Antony and Clarissa xx - 20-03-2023 
Natalie Williams AvatarNatalie Williams
positive review  I just want to say a BIG thank you to Marlene for a fantastic talk therapy session last week. She empowers you to get to the answers yourself which she did and I left feeling like a weight had been lifted. Also for all the information about Archetypes which you can find out about on her website ... I absolutely recommend a session with her. Thanks Marlene! ???? - 25-03-2019 
Miss W. AvatarMiss W.
Since seeing Marlene for reflexology a year ago, my migraines have ceased and I no longer suffer from anxiety. I now see her once a fortnight to maintain the benefits. I have no hesitation in recommending Marlene for Reflexology. - 20-06-2017 
Olly James AvatarOlly James
positive review  I visited Marlene last Monday. Her warmth and compassion immediately made me feel that I was in a safe pair of hands. Her ability and commitment enables her to help you get to route of patterns of behaviour that you may carry, no longer need but can still be creating negativity, pain or sadness in your life today. Her supportive healing left me feeling a real sense of well being. She is an exceptional person/healer and I recommender her 100% to anyone who senses any kind of blocks or unbalances which are stopping them live their life to the full with clarity. - 01-11-2018 
Danni Blaire Deibe AvatarDanni Blaire Deibe
positive review  Before meeting Marlene I'd struggled with my mind for over 10 years. I'd had some counselling, tried medication and been put in front of a psychiatrist but nothing really stuck and I was convinced I'd always be a little bit 'mad' and a little bit 'sad'. In the middle of 2016 I really hit a low point. Although I was doing my dream job and I liked the work, the environment and the people were slowly driving me into a deep depression and I piled on weight, became really angry, and I wasn't very nice to be around. I was permanently on edge too, and spent most of my time thinking about the worst case scenario for everything. It was exhausting and my brain, although it's always been active, had never been so noisy.

In the summer of 2016 I started taking anti depressants and these helped to level me out and allow me to sleep and function better, but I was still treating my emotions and feelings with food, booze and spending money on things I didn't need. In short, I was behaving in extremes. From unhealthy relationships and crazy fitness and diet regimes that couldn't last, to going out and spending hundreds of pounds on a night out, or eating several packets of biscuits, I felt completely out of control, which was perpetuating my anxiety.

Eventually, I began to feel like I was becoming dependant on my medication to feel level and that was something I really didn't want. Work was getting worse and worse by the day, and my Mum started to notice changes in my mood and behaviour when I had forgotten to take my medication. Both of us were really concerned by this and I realised I had hit rock bottom and something had to change.

I was recommended Marlene by a friend of my Mum's and I have to admit I was initially sceptical. I like things that make sense, my brain loves an explanation and I assumed that energy healing would be rooted in the mystical, but I was willing to give it a go. I was willing to give ANYTHING a go! I was also really nervous because previous counselling experiences were actually quite harrowing and often left me feeling worse. However, the minute I met Marlene I immediately felt calm and knew I was in the right place. We had an instant connection and she seemed to know exactly how to communicate with me to make me feel comfortable and make sense of my noisy brain.

In traditional counselling I've always found that you spew your feelings out and go home, whereas Marlene listened to me and helped me to understand WHY I was feeling the way I felt. As I suspected, the majority of my issues were rooted in my self esteem and self worth.

After two sessions I had the clarity and the confidence to look at my life and see what had to change. I plucked up the courage to quit my toxic job with no further employment to go to and I had an instant sense of calm.

Without that weight of negativity blocking me, Marlene and I were able to work on some of my other issues, things that have always been a problem for me, and she helped me to make sense of why I was feeling the way I did about certain things. She gave me the tools to continue working on these issues myself as they are now no longer a problem day-to-day. Things that I had found challenging before, like family events, overthinking non-issues, and feeling inadequate were suddenly easy to navigate.

Leaving Marlene's is totally different to leaving a counselling or psychiatry session. I can't quite put it into words, but the sense of calm one feels is incredible. In particular the feeling of the ability to push away other peoples' negativity was really helpful to me. I'm an empath and my
Own energy had been clouded by that of so many others, now I'm able to push their negativity away and focus on myself.

A couple of months and four sessions on, I have a new, much better job and am writing this testimonial from holiday in New Zealand where I am travelling around on my own for three weeks. Yes, I have the odd wobble but I now have the tools to reason myself out of it, and, failing that, Marlene is at the end of the phone or an email.

I am struggling to put in to words just how valuable my experience with Marlene has been, but, without wanting to sound hyperbolic, because I truly mean every word of this, she has changed my life. I now understand how it feels to be calm and content and also grounded, which I don't think I have ever felt before. In fact, I've had several groups of friends approach me and say that they 'didn't want to say' but they had been worried about me and I 'wasn't myself' and they were (without knowing I had been having healings) so pleased to see me looking so much happier and healthier.

If you're ready to feel better, or change, and you're willing to work at it, I really can't recommend any service more than energy healing, and anyone more than Marlene. - 20-02-2017 
Nicola S. AvatarNicola S.
I had such a wonderful experience when working with Marlene, all of our sessions were via zoom and it really didn’t diminish them at all, if anything I’d say it was an extra positive for me because I was able to get comfy in my own home with a brew for the sessions. Marlene is an extremely kind and intuitive person who has helped guide me to a place of healing and acceptance of myself for which I am exceptionally grateful. I also want to say how much I enjoyed all my sessions with her even though they were often quite emotionally challenging, she made the process easy and often left me on a high after the sessions. I can’t recommend Marlene enough, she really is great at what she does. Xx - 29-09-2022 
Marie S. AvatarMarie S.
Marlene is fantastic!I first saw her for reflexology and we instantly hit it off. She's a very personable person and it's easy to relax around her.I was intrigued by her healing qualifications so decided to give that a go as I had never actually had any healing done before, except for the odd Reiki treatment.Marlene's healing was beyond amazing!The way Marlene can connect with you and your energies is astounding. This woman has a mind-blowing gift. She's a natural healer but also brings in her intuition and psychic ability. I very quickly found myself going back for a second healing - she was that good. Everything just made sense!The freedom she created within me (and indeed within my energy field) was surprisingly powerful. I actually can't recommend her enough - everyone has to give this a go. You'll be walking on air afterwards.Marlene is funny, down to earth, honest, selfless and incredibly caring.I haven't stopped talking about Marlene to my friends since my first treatment and she is very much my 'go to' person when I need help with something.On top of that, because I'd loved everything she had done so far, I then also attended one of her 1 day workshops. Met some great people, had a fantastic day and learned a lot.Thank you so much Marlene!You've got a customer for life! - 20-06-2017 
Muneera Mun AvatarMuneera Mun
positive review  We had a day long Chakra Workshop that was excellent an day long learning venture. Apart from learning how things within the chakra actually can get imbalanced and how to attend to that, I also came away with a sure list of things to be on the outlook for. Marlene was very patient with each of our queries and I do not think any one of us came away with any questions unanswered. And I will add that the day went by peacefully it didn't feel like I was working (or learning in this case). On the contrary it gave me the space to reconnect with myself. I would recommend this workshop to all I know. and look forward to more sessions with Marlene.
Mun - 25-06-2016