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EnerChi Vibes Reviews

How do you rate your experience?

Ericka F. AvatarEricka F.
I have been in therapy with Marlene since August 2023 and it is the best thing I could have ever done. From the start she made me feel comfortable and in a few sessions I already started to see improvement on my issues. She is very professional but also very human. She helped me get through a very difficult time in my life and I wholeheartedly believe I couldn’t have done it without her. I now feel more empowered and capable of facing life’s challenges and also learned invaluable tools to control my emotions to lead a more balanced life. I 100% recommend her. - 30-04-2024 
Veronica Kazandjian Babayan AvatarVeronica Kazandjian Babayan
positive review  Marlene has such an intuitive and special way relating to her techniques and practice. She guides you in learning about yourself. I highly recommend her Chakra Workshops! - 07-11-2016 
Gavin Burt AvatarGavin Burt
positive review  I first visited Marlene on the advice of a friend. I had been going through a separation and was falling apart. Marlene has been instrumental in supporting me through this time, helping me understand myself, my triggers and my responses to stress. Her help has been nothing short of miraculous. I now feel whole again and ready to take on any challenge that life has in store. Thank you Marlene, and I am looking forward to working with you in the future to improve things even further! - 24-10-2018 
Juliette C. AvatarJuliette C.
I had several online consultations with Marlene after my role at work came up for consultation. I found it really helpful to talk to her in a confidential, kind and objective space - helping me to seek clarity on work / life balance. Speaking via Zoom felt like being in the same room and I’m so grateful for the sessions. Much appreciated, thanks Marlene x - 02-04-2024 
Clarissa Mitchell AvatarClarissa Mitchell
positive review  I had the great pleasure of studying reflexology with Marlene and can say her treatment is still the best treatment I have received to date. I felt, noticed, something different about the treatment from previous ones as I went into a much deeper almost trance like state.
After the treatment when I came back round from my blissful peace of mind Marlene explained she had combined healing with the reflexology and I decided to have a full treatment of energy healing. I went to Marlene’s practice in St Albans and although I trusted Marlene and felt very comfortable in her company and vast knowledge in the spirit, healing and holistic world, there was still a little anxiousness and excitement of the unknown.

Within minutes my mind was put to rest, Marlene’s energy was infectious and calming, she explained the process and how it would take place. We started with some card readings and the information received was spookily accurate regarding the people and situations in my life. Once the healing session began I was completely open to allowing all negative, unwanted and guilty emotions to be released and for Marlene to rebalance my chakras
and cleanse my energy field by using various crystals and white sage.

After the treatment I picked more cards and we discussed the meanings ……again it could not be more in alignment with my life at that time. Although parts of the treatment are for my personal experience and private to me I can honestly say that Marlene definitely has a gift, her manner and intuition are commendable it bought a lot to the surface and for this I could not be more grateful. I could write an awful lot more about my energy healing experience with Marlene.

The energy healing session itself is very kind and peaceful I felt very well looked after almost like I was in a huge bubble of love, protection and warmth all together, despite parts of me that were being exposed more than ever before that were painful seemed easier and ok to face…..I felt safe and in a place of tranquillity however on a super high! I felt completely at ease for days afterwards.
However, Marlene gave me some simple tips on how to protect my energy and my own thoughts, with little practices before bed and when I woke up which I use regularly to help me with my expansion and understanding.

I would highly recommend that you find out for yourselves and experience something I believe everybody should, we are magical souls and getting in tune with yourself, for me, is the greatest feeling of peace, love and freedom. Energy healing has most certainly been one of the nicest & effective things I have done for myself. I am pretty sure I was also very lucky to have Marlene come into my life ……. The stars were aligned and I am very grateful. Healing will be a part of me and my future life. - 22-05-2017 
Lucy F. AvatarLucy F.
I’ve been seeing Marlene for around a year now and she’s helped me significantly! Even on Zoom, she creates an environment where I feel comfortable and tailors her approach when talking to me to get the most out of our sessions. I actually feel energised after our sessions which I think speaks volumes! - 02-08-2023 
Jessica T. AvatarJessica T.
I was recommended Marlene from a friend and had never really had therapy before so wasn't sure what to expect. Through the sessions I've been able unpack how I'm feeling, understand people around me and learn about my reactions and how I feel about certain situations and events that have taken place. I come out feeling self validated and altogether lighter. I've not had someone in my life to talk to like this before and finding Marlene really has helped me get through the last year. At first I had doubts about only meeting on zoom. But I really felt a connection with Marlene from the very start. Having zoom sessions hasn't affected me being able to open up and in fact there's a comfort in taking the calls from home. Marlene's been a great help to me and I've gained a deeper understanding of my past as well as being taught some techniques to help guide my future. For now, I'm continuing my sessions and I look forward to the next one. - 03-03-2024 
Lauren D. AvatarLauren D.
I have had several appointments with Marlene at EnerChi Vibes and am so impressed and grateful for how incredibly beneficial the sessions have been. I’ve received energy healing before and have also seen counsellors and coaches, but have never seen a practitioner that combines the best of various types of coaching and healing modalities, which have such a positive impact.Marlene’s approach is one of compassion and understanding; she naturally makes you feel at ease and uses her unique set of skills to work with you in a way which ensures you get the most out of the session.Marlene has also brought my beloved horse into the healing sessions to give him distance healing, as his health challenges were causing me a lot of distress, so the joint healing worked extremely well for us both, and was an amazing experience! I feel she has gone above and beyond to help me to help him.I have learnt so much about myself and feel I have already healed in ways that have never been possible before. I have made big steps forward at each session, and am looking forward to continuing my healing journey with the very best coach. Thank you, Marlene for all your support, expertise and inspiration; I feel blessed to have found you ☺️ - 26-03-2022 
Coming Home Retreat Wonderful experience. Marlene's Coming Home Retreat focusing on all aspects of your wellbeing was truly nourishing, from the delicious food and surroundings to the workshops focusing on your feelings and triggers. Really insightful and practical leaving me feeling energised and motivated. Highly recommend the retreat to anyone looking to re-energise and gain helpful tools to cope with everyday life. Thank you Marlene, David, Tam, Antony and Clarissa xx - 20-03-2023 
Crystal T. AvatarCrystal T.
I have been seeing Marlene for more than a year now primarily for reflexology. I say primarily because she is more than that. True to her tagline as a mind, body and spirit coach; not only have I benefitted from her reflexology skills, she has also been a comforting ear, friend and guide as I deal with my personal health issues.Marlene's passion comes through in what she does, and she really is a seasoned professional in skills alongside her great scientific knowledge coming from her previous career both within healthcare and traditional chinese medicine/acupuncture. She is very down to earth/not scientific at all, it is only when you ask you realise how much she understands which is great for someone scientific like me. She also knows a lot of people in the health and holistic community which is very useful at times.Her practice room is very welcoming and as you step in you feel your stress disappears and you walk out feeling all new. It is very clean and inviting, and there's always parking.I have yet to try Marlene's other services but if you are thinking of considering any of her services, I would say don't think and just call her. It definitely is worth it. - 20-06-2020