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Archetypal Healing

Archetypal Healing

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The concept of Archetypes is extremely helpful in working with healing emotional wounds.

Archetypes are the very foundation of human behaviour. They are the patterns within us, that are so definable and so repeatable that they have been recognised by cultures all over the world throughout time.
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What is an archetype?

An archetype is a “character” who represents a specific set of universal, recognisable behaviours.

For example:

The Inner Child:  The inner child is the part in your subconscious that still retains its innocence, creativity, awe, and wonder toward life. Quite literally, your inner child is the child that lives within you – within your subconscious. Regardless of whether you’re 25 or 95, no matter how old or mature you are, you will have an inner child.

When we become aware of how archetypes impact and affect our lives, from an explorative, considered perspective; wounds, trauma and dysfunctional aspects can be brought into light and integrated.

How Do Archetypes Help?

Archetypes provide an entry point into the unconscious mind where stored memories, experiences, trauma, as well as cultural, religious and societal information are held. Individuals working with archetypes begin to recognise and understand their patterns, tendencies and imagery individually and collectively.

I chose the image of Russian Dolls because it’s a lovely example of the mother archetype, represented as the largest out of the Russian dolls and her inner-children are the smaller dolls that fit inside.

The Origins of Archetypes

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung founded analytical psychology and he’s renowned for developing the theory of the collective unconscious, a realm of latent, suppressed information.  He theorised that mankind is connected by a massive collection of primitive images that are inherited from our ancestors (archetypes) and represent our collective unconscious, not accessible to our conscious minds. These universal archetypal “characters” are created from our shared memory of an experience, for example all cultures see the mother archetype as the person who gave birth to us, as well as nature itself.

Carl Jung defined 12 archetypes that appear in dreams, mythology, fairy tales and myths all over the world since the beginning of time:

  1. Rescuer – they rescue those in need.
  2. Victim– they feel that life is unfair. The victim holds on to past pain and deals with life destructively.
  3. Saboteur – can cause you to sabotage opportunities, resist healthy and enriching relationships, close your heart, and lose money.
  4. King/Queen – rulers of their individual kingdoms.
  5. Hero/Heroine – helps to improve the world.
  6. Mother/Father – are the first archetypes of human experience.
  7. Child – essential to our survival as it holds within it our earliest feelings of security and safety and we carry that sense with us throughout our lives.
  8. Magician – makes dreams come true, creates something special.
  9. Judge – is keen to reward and punish.
  10. Warrior – heightened intuitive abilities, strength, and invincibility.
  11. Servant – engages aspects of our psyche that call us to make ourselves available to others for the benefit and enhancement of their lives.
  12. Sage – always seeking the truth.


We can observe archetypes in the characters of the stories we read, the films we watch and in advertising. Each type will have its own set of values as well as a shadow and functional side.

Archetypal Healing


Archetypes are the secret forces behind human behaviour as they reside in the unconscious, influencing our every move, without us realising. It’s part of our psychospiritual evolution to work through deeply held psychological patterns. By healing with archetypes, we unearth these patterns by understanding how a particular archetype can be causing problems or blocks in our personal growth.

It doesn’t matter whether we are Christian, Hindu or Buddhist or not … the archetypes from all religions and cultures are programmed into our subconscious minds. If we do not reprogram these unconscious programs, they continue to run our lives outside of our conscious awareness.

More often than not, only one archetype tends to influence our personality.  However most, if not all, people can have several archetypes at play in their personality too. Some archetypes may be outgrown and need letting go of, others to be nurtured or recognised.

It is not only beneficial to know which archetypes are at play in oneself, but also which archetypes are dominating in others. Particularly in order to gain insight into the behaviours and motivations of loved ones, friends or colleagues in difficult or stressful relationships.


By tuning into these archetypal energies, I can help identify them bringing new insights into your healing journey.

Archetypes are the secret forces behind human behaviour ~ because they reside in the unconscious, the part of our minds we aren’t aware of, they influence us without us knowing it; everything you do, think, and feel… and everyone around you in a similar way.

I will help you understand how your archetypes are expressing themselves through you and others. You can learn the patterns that influence most of human behaviour.

When you can observe an archetype operating within you, you have differentiated yourself from the archetype. This differentiation is important because when you can separate yourself from an archetype, it’s less likely to influence your behaviour in a detrimental way.

I will help you understand your dominant archetypes, discover which ones are role-playing through you, and see how gaining this insight gives you a profound perspective on the lenses through which you are playing out your Life Purpose and life lessons. Once you understand the “language of archetypes” you have a powerful set of eyes with which to discern situations and interactions and empower yourself to make more conscious decisions.

The value of recognising your personal archetypes and how they show up in your life derives from how they help you understand your own behaviour and that of others.

Integration is a key aspect of archetypal work. By understanding the patterns, characteristics and resulting behaviours, habits and adaptations we make on an individual basis, the greater the potential for integrating the unresolved parts of us.

Choosing archetypal healing as a medium for introspective study provides an opportunity for personal healing that includes subjective experiences, woven in established, analytical study, theory and practice.

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