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Hypnotherapy – Clinical

Hypnotherapy – Clinical

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“Will you make me cluck like a chicken?” Just one of the many questions I often get asked. Here I share with you what hypnotherapy with me is really like and help debunk some of those myths that might be swirling around in your head right now. Oh, and the answer is ‘no’, by the way.

At the bottom of this page you will find a list of the many areas I work with in respect to hypnotherapy, from smoking cessation to overcoming stress and anxiety.
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What Is Hypnosis?

It’s not like what you see in the movies. Hypnosis is a completely natural state that most people fall into almost every day. For example, when you drive a regular journey you may sometimes arrive at your destination largely unaware of your trip. That is because your conscious mind has been thinking about other things and in the meantime, you have driven flawlessly. Your subconscious knows everything, including your journey and how to navigate you safely to your destination. Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness where you are awake and aware.

Hypnosis is a natural state of selective, focused attention, and, even though it is 100% natural and normal, it remains one of the most fascinating phenomena of the human mind. Our ability to enter this unique state of consciousness opens the door to countless possibilities for healing, self-exploration and change. Hypnosis, called by different names in different cultures and times, has been recognised for thousands of years and used for many purposes.

When you enter into the absorbed state of hypnosis, you can use your thoughts, talents and experiences in ways not usually available to you. With my guidance, you can develop innate, individual abilities that enable making desired changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours possible. For reasons that are as yet not clear, the focused state of hypnosis allows changes to intentionally be made “automatically”, changes that we could not ordinarily consciously make. I use hypnosis in the treatment of pain, depression, anxiety, stress, habit disorders, and many other psychological and medical problems.

Hypnotherapy – Clinical

How Do You Make These Changes In Me?

Actually, you make all the changes. In the final analysis, people heal themselves. I just lead you into a state and walk you through processes to help you help yourself.

Areas I Can Help You With Include:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight management
  • Overcoming irrational or excessive fears, worries, flashbacks, panicky feelings, or aversions
  • Reducing stress, get stress-related problems under control, become more relaxed and more effective
  • Overcoming bad habits of all kinds
  • Developing good habits
  • Insomnia, whether going to sleep or staying asleep
  • Achieving better concentration, study habits, and time management
  • Overcoming sexual problems such as impotence, lack of desire, “too soon,” “not at all,” and so on
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Controlling pain
  • Overcoming anger, shame, guilt, self-blame, sadness, hopelessness, frustration, negativity, and irritability
  • Overcoming sadness, depressed mood, difficulty concentrating, and mood swings
  • Overcoming feelings of disconnectedness, numbness, or agitation
  • Retrieving lost objects
  • Overcoming the effects of mind games and being controlled by others
  • Overcoming the effects of trauma and abuse

Some Of The Positives Of Hypnotherapy Are:

  • The power to change or replace negative patterns, thoughts, and habits with new positive beliefs and patterns such as addictions
  • Developing a deep sense of calm and relaxation not unlike meditation
  • Helps you to awaken and connect with the greater potentials of your mind
  • Understanding more about your inner programming
  • Opens up a way for new perspectives and awareness
  • Empowers and energises you into new life directions

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

Some people find it easier to relax than others. By the same token, some people are able to go into trance more quickly and more deeply than others. About 85% of people can go into at least a light trance. For most therapeutic goals, light trance is enough to enable almost everyone to benefit from hypnotherapy to some extent.

What’s The Difference Between Clinical Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis?

My diploma is in Clinical Hypnotherapy, which is hypnosis with all the trimmings. I am experienced in working across a vast range of areas including smoking cessation, weight loss and stress relief, as well as more complex topics such as trance work, hypnotic pain management, mind-body issues, and more. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a full list.

I Don’t Think I Was Hypnotised – I Heard Every Word You Said!

Some people don’t believe that they were hypnotised at all. This likely comes from misconceptions about just what a ‘trance’ really is. There are differences between the brain waves of people who are asleep and those who are in trance. In practice, you will find that you can talk with the hypnotist, ask and answer questions, hear everything that is said very clearly, and are perfectly well aware.

Will I Lose Control Of Myself?

No, there is no loss of control. Hypnosis allows you to be more focused and less distractible and more skilful in using your own mental abilities constructively. Hypnosis is a way of giving yourself what you want and to stop working at cross-purposes with yourself; the end result of the session is you have more control of yourself than ever before.

Debunking The Myths Of Hypnotism

MYTH #1: The Hypnotist Will Be Able To Control My Mind.

MYTH #2: I Will Be Made To Perform Embarrassing Acts, Such As Bark Like A Dog, Or Walk Like A Duck.

MYTH #3: Hypnosis Is “Supernatural”.

MYTH #4: If I Become Hypnotised, I May Not Be Able To Snap Out Of It.

MYTH #5: I Have Never Been In Hypnosis Before.

MYTH #6: Hypnosis Is A “Miracle Cure”.

MYTH #7: Hypnosis Is A Great Tool To Get Someone To “Confess”.

MYTH #8: When Hypnotised, I Will Lose All Sense Of My Surroundings, And Will Have No Memory Of The Session.

MYTH #9: Self-Hypnosis Is Safer, Better, Or More Effective Than Going To A Trained Professional.

MYTH #10: I Can’t Be Hypnotised Because My Mind Is Too Strong/ Disciplined.

MYTH #11: If I Can Be Hypnotised Easily This Means I Am Weak.

MYTH #12: The Hypnotist Will Swing A Watch Or Pendulum Hy

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Marlene DOES NOT claim to cure or to diagnose any medical condition. The information provided on this website is to give you information about the services offered so that you can make an informed choice. This is not professional medical advice and is not a means of diagnosis or treatment, nor is it intended to be a substitute of allopathic healthcare. If you have a health problem, medical emergency, or a general health question, it is recommended you should consult your doctor. The services provided by Marlene are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.


Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable however clients are kindly requested to give a minimum 48hrs notice otherwise the following will apply:
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For late arrivals, it may not be possible to carry out the full session so please be prompt.

My intention is to help people take control of their life, by supporting them in achieving their life goals by using the tools and skills that I teach in order to apply them in the everyday.

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