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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

A Former Service

This is not a service directly offered by Marlene any longer. However, many of the options offered by this service are available within 
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About Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is the art of laying on stones (crystals and gems) in coordination with the body’s energy field, energy centres and energy pathways. These aspects of the body’s energy field are also known as the aura, the chakras and the meridians. Correct placement of crystals on the body will promote emotional and mental harmony. It is in this state that the body experiences the perfect conditions to heal naturally. Crystals are known to have special healing properties. Crystal healing is the art of laying on crystals in coordination with the body’s energy field (aura), energy centers (chakras) and energy pathways (meridians). These are also known as the aura, chakras and meridians.
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What Is Crystal Healing?

The Use of Crystals is to promote self-healing within the body.

Crystal healing uses the natural power of the crystals to influence the health of the client. The natural electromagnetic aura of the crystals is believed to have a positive influence on the energy of the client.

Healing visualisation and relaxation techniques are also used to assist the body in healing itself.

A huge range of issues can be helped including physical, spiritual and mental complaints.

It is believed that crystals can be programmed to achieve holistic healing. I carry this out in a meditative way after performing a cleansing process. I then attune the needs of the individual client to the crystal.

There are a vast number of different crystals and gemstones available. some are very expensive, others fairly reasonable in price. Crystals come from a wide range of geographical areas and it is not unusual for your treatment to involve crystals from many parts of the world.

The differing shapes, types, composition and colours of the crystals used effects the conditions they are used to assist.

Often it will be useful for the client to have their own crystal to use between sessions for carrying and meditation.

Each crystal has a unique healing property derived from the minerals it is composed of. Crystals are capable of amplifying, focusing, directing, absorbing, diffusing and transmitting differing levels of energy.

There are a variety of complementary crystals used during a crystal healing session. I select the crystals based on the healing properties that will be of most benefit for my client’s situation.

Crystal healing is a holistic healing technique, that I sometimes use in conjunction with Reiki, Reflexology and sound healing to help clear out emotions and balance the mind, body and spirit of my client.

During a Crystal Healing session, I will ask my client about their physical, emotional and spiritual life and then choose the appropriate crystals for healing. Crystals are placed on the chakras or around the body (known as a grid) to surround my client with healing energy. The energy delivered by the arranged crystals blends and resonates within the energy centres of their body to promote self-healing.

Each type of crystal has its own unique healing. Crystal colours, shapes, and textures all have special meanings. Crystal elixirs can be made by soaking crystals for a few hours in a glass of rain or filtered water. Healing crystals are used for divination and meditation purposes. You can intuitively choose which crystals to use by noticing which ones you are attracted to. Keep your heart and hands open and allow the appropriate healing crystals to find their way to you.

How Can This Therapy Heal Some Aspect Of My Mind, Body Or Spirit?

There are essentially three primary ways healing crystals can transform your energy and resolve imbalance:

  1. Clearing – Crystals have the ability to absorb and remove certain types of energy from your body. Like a magnet can pick up little pieces of metal shavings, a healing crystal can absorb negative energy from your body.
  2. Energizing – Healing crystals can also push energy into your mind, body or spirit through inducing resonant frequencies. This is similar to the way electricity works by conducting and transferring energy into an object. A crystal can harness energy from the quantum field and send it into your own energy field. Don’t worry; unlike electricity, this crystal healing energy is painless and not dangerous!
  3. Balancing – Our world is very symmetrical. Look at the leaves on trees or even your body. The energy of our planet aligns things in a mirrored pattern. Sometimes, your energy may be misaligned and out of balance, and healing crystals can use the properties mentioned above, which are essentially attracting and repelling, to balance out areas of energetic disharmony.

What Exactly Does Crystal Healing Involve?

Crystal Healing is a vibrational healing technique, the healer channels healing energy through the crystals, which act as a ‘fine tuning’ ensuring that exactly the right amount of energy is received by the client. During the healing session the client will be asked to either sit, or lie down and talked through some short relaxation. The healer will attune to the client and be guided (intuitively) to which crystals and healing techniques (patterns of placement) they need to use for that client at that time.

The crystals are then placed on or around the body, or sometimes held by the healer in the client’s energy field. (Aura) The crystals will be in place for varying lengths of time; anything from a few seconds to 15 minutes, rarely they may need longer than this. When all the crystals have been removed the client is restored to awareness, the whole experience is generally very relaxing for the client.

Client’s report varying physical, emotional and mental responses to the healing during the treatment, some experience tingling, heat or cold, mild pins and needles, and occasionally mild pain sensations. Many clients see colours, white light, rainbows, shimmering and luminescence. Some clients experience emotions, and these can occasionally be quite intense. Most clients feel a sense of deep peace and tranquillity during the healing and this remains with them for some time after.

Crystal Healing

What Sort Of Issues Do Clients Have When They Choose Crystal Healing?

I prefer to take only a very brief client/medical history before giving healing, simply discovering if a new client has any conditions that may have health and safety issues, for example if they have epilepsy as I would need to be aware of this in case my client had an episode during their session. There are no contraindications to crystal healing, although I would need to be aware of and take special precautions if my client had metal pins or plates, or a pacemaker or stent fitted.

After the healing I discuss with the client what crystals I used and how, and what this reveals to me about any physical, mental or emotional issues they may have. Because Crystal Healing works effectively at many levels it may be addressing an underlying emotional/mental issue that is giving rise to a physical problem. The links between the two can often be made, and the cause addressed rather than the physical symptoms. My clients have a wide range of both physical, emotional and mental issues, so it is difficult to generalise, anything from a Migraine to sports injuries on a physical level. Stress is the predominant mental issue, and bereavement, relationship breakdown and inability to conceive on an emotional level.

What Ways Can I Use Crystals To Help Facilitate Healing?

Wearing healing crystals. Since crystals and stones absorb, repel and transmit energy, wearing certain healing crystals can help you balance your energy field throughout the day. Think of the crystals you wear like taking a vitamin. You eat the vitamin and it nourishes your body for the entire day. Putting on your crystal jewellery in the morning or putting certain stones in your pocket is like taking your daily vitamin on an energetic level.

Place healing crystals on a specific part of the body. Anyone familiar with crystal healing is probably familiar with this type of healing—the laying of stones. If you’re looking for a very direct, specific application, placing crystals on that part of your body is an excellent way to access their healing properties. For example, when you get a burn, you apply a burn ointment to the wound. If you have a headache, you might sit quietly with a quartz crystal on the spot of your pain.

Meditate with them. Healing stones and crystals are often millions of years old. By sitting with crystals and quieting your mind during meditation, you are often able to intuitively receive amazing, life-changing insights by simply holding an energetic piece of history like that in your hands during the process.

Use a healing crystal grid. When you use a crystal grid, you lay out specific types of crystals and stones in a predetermined pattern. These patterns are designed to receive and transmute energy. Using a crystal grid is an ancient healing technique and it can take time to learn all the different types of grids, but most people find it to be worth it as it is an extremely powerful practice.

Sleep near them. Our subconscious minds take over when we’re sleeping, and it’s a great time to heal and learn at an accelerated pace. Allowing healing crystals to work while your sleeping can eliminate any hurdles your rational mind might be presenting with fear or doubt. Try placing crystals under your pillow or on your bedside table and see how they affect your dreams and how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Move them around the body. Crystals don’t need to sit still to work effectively. In fact, sometimes it’s better to move the crystals all around your body to get the most healing effect from them. Try using a healing crystal wand to clear negative energy fields from your head to your toes. Keep in mind that your energy field extends about 3 ft. around you, so don’t hesitate to work on your entire aura when practicing crystal healing.

Place them in your home or car. You can also use healing stones and crystals to protect you or empower an intention. For example, you can place protective crystals in your car to block negative energy from accidents or break-ins by placing that intention into the crystal and then leaving them in those places. You can use them in the same way in your home or to set the energy for a room. Crystals like rose quartz can also draw in romantic energy in your bedroom or healing energy near your bath.

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