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Emotional  Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching

Emotional Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching

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Emotions play a critical role in your life. All emotions have the capacity to affect your mental and physical health for better or worse. There are times when emotions are suppressed and not fully processed. Those emotions can become trapped somewhere in your body which can influence everything you do, how you react to the world around you, and how you connect to the universe and all the abundance in any every area that your life has to offer.
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Working from Emotions

Trapped Emotions such as: stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, low self-worth blocks your overall wellness.  If not fully resolved remain in your body’s energy fields, manifesting into physical symptoms such as: eczema, headaches and digestive issues.

Everyone has emotional baggage, and this is what your trapped emotions are.

Sometimes these trapped emotions can be out of your control.  In addition to your own emotional baggage, you can also inherit trapped emotions from your parents or your ancestors, and possibly absorb them from people who surround you.

How Does It Work?

Emotional Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching works with the body’s energy systems to facilitate or enhance the body’s natural ability to heal, through the emotional baggage.

Your body manifests different ‘layers’ of trapped energy referred to as the Human Energy Field; more commonly known as your aura.

Your aura has seven different layers that interact with the chakras in your body. Chakras are energy pathways in your body. Circulation and distribution of energy to your body’s tissues and organs travels through energy meridians.

When your body experiences an illness or physical injury, blockages can occur in these energy pathways.

There are many different modalities to help release trapped emotions.

Everything Is Energy, According To Einstein And Buddha.

Einstein and Buddha both dealt their whole life with understanding and working with Energy.  Einstein came from the mind and rational side, Buddha felt into it and worked with the energy through his heart and the energetic body and chakras.

Comparing quotes of the two makes it even more obvious.

Einstein said:

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

While Buddha expressed the same wisdom this way:

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think”.

“With our thoughts, we make the world.”

“The mind is everything. What you think you become”.

It becomes obvious that both of them refer to the universal energies, the law of attraction and the power of thoughts to create our life and our reality. What we are slowly beginning to understand is that we have much more power of creation and control over how things unfold for us than we ever thought. It all depends on our thoughts and what we focus on.

Emotional Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching

I have qualifications in the following modalities

  • Hypnotherapy
  • EMDR
  • EFT tapping
  • Archetypes
  • Understanding your energy body through the Chakras.
  • Reiki
  • Energy healing

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

As in any other modality, healing rates differ from person to person. The number of session you will need is dependent on the severity of the symptom and/or condition. It may take 4-6 sessions for you to notice a significant change in your mental/emotional/physical state.

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Marlene DOES NOT claim to cure or to diagnose any medical condition. The information provided on this website is to give you information about the services offered so that you can make an informed choice. This is not professional medical advice and is not a means of diagnosis or treatment, nor is it intended to be a substitute of allopathic healthcare. If you have a health problem, medical emergency, or a general health question, it is recommended you should consult your doctor. The services provided by Marlene are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.


Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable however clients are kindly requested to give a minimum 48hrs notice otherwise the following will apply:
  • More than 48h
    No Fee
  • Less Than 48h
    Full Fee
  • No Show
    Full Fee
For late arrivals, it may not be possible to carry out the full session so please be prompt.

My intention is to help people take control of their life, by supporting them in achieving their life goals by using the tools and skills that I teach in order to apply them in the everyday.

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