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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

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You Only Live Once … Or Do You? Does A Past Life Influence Our Present, Everyday Lives?

Do you sometimes wonder where a certain habit, fear, or other unusual behaviour comes from? Why do we think we’ve been somewhere before?
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What Is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is an opportunity to return to an earlier stage of this life or a previous life, to heal a current issue or answer a life-purpose question. Researched now for many years, it is a particular interest of mine, and is achieved through a deeply relaxed state during hypnosis.

Past Life Regression is simply regression back to a past life or past experience. As a therapy, the “past life” is accessed through entering a deeply relaxed state through hypnotic inducement. As a form of healing, Past Life Regression may be an effective tool enabling clients in finding the underlying cause of their problem empowering them to move forward or make constructive life changes.

What Is The Benefit Of A Past Life Regression?

The therapeutic benefit of Past Life Regression is based on the principle that a person’s life issues – such as trauma, phobias, fears, insecurities, emotional issues, physical pain or blockages etc. – may have roots set in previous lives rather than in this current life time.

By enabling clients to “travel back” to previous existences, their subconscious can be accessed to explore, release and heal the locked-in beliefs, patterns, illnesses, unfinished business or trauma that our unconscious mind can take with us from life to life.

What Happens In A Past Life Regression?

I guide you to remember your own past life memories. I assist you in processing the memories and relating them to your present life. For you it is an active, not a passive, process. You participate fully in the regression as I guide you through it.

Past life regression is when a hypnotherapist takes their client through a meditation to achieve a deep relaxed state, bypassing the conscious mind to work with the subconscious mind.

Seeing these events in the present as an adult, they can look and feel completely different, enabling you to re-program your brain’s reaction to them and so let go of these negative, inhibiting experiences that colour your emotions today. This technique is often incorporated into Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions and sometimes called ‘time-line’ therapy and can be achieved in light trance.

The intention is for you to gain direct experience of yourself as a soul journeying and growing through time towards healing.

Past Life Regression

How Long Is A Session?

A session is 90 minutes. During the first hour we engage in an interview, which has the feel of a traditional counselling session. We discuss why you want to do a regression and what you would like to accomplish. I ask many questions about your present life including your family history, events in early childhood (if you remember), your physical health, etc., as a means of focusing on particular patterns that may be a reflection of your past life experiences. The interview not only gives me information about you, it also primes your unconscious and begins the regression process. The regression is done while you’re comfortably seated or lying down with your eyes closed so you can direct all your attention on your inner experience. I leave time after the regression to talk about the experience. If you go deeply into a regression (which I hope you will), you may feel very peaceful, or a little drained, or slightly disoriented. Hopefully you will also be full of amazement at what you just experienced. I make sure you have time to get reoriented and grounded before you leave.

Why Do You Use Hypnosis In Past Life Regression?

Hypnosis is a form of focused awareness. It is necessary for you to focus inward to access your past life memories – or any distant memories for that matter – it is a surprisingly light trance state.

To help you focus inward, I encourage you to focus on the rhythm of your breathing while relaxing your entire body. By focusing on your breathing, you fall gently into a light trance state. So in a sense, you don’t go “under” hypnosis, you are simply relaxing. As you relax I encourage you to be aware of your inner images, feelings, and physical sensations.

I then have you focus on a particularly charged thought or feeling, which is often the reason why you wanted to do a regression in the first place, or something we uncovered in the interview. For example, if a dominant theme in your life is the fear of being alone, I direct you to focus on the thought and the feeling, “I’m all alone.” This serves as a bridge from your present feelings to a relevant past life memory.

Some past life memories are of happy and fulfilling lives. These benign lifetimes help us understand and appreciate our present positive attitudes, talents, and good relationships. They are life’s gifts.

Most memories that surface in past life therapy are of past life trauma. It is the past life trauma that continues to affect us emotionally, mentally, and physically, causing difficulties in many aspects of our present life. By exposing these painful memories to the light of awareness, and understanding the context of the past life and death, the emotional intensity loses its grip. We can finally let go of the past and move forward in our lives. We feel lighter, as if a burden has been lifted. You will not get “stuck” in these traumatic memories. I am there to guide you through the experience so you can get the full benefit of the process. Sometimes the healing is immediate and dramatic, or can be more subtle and noticeable over time.

After the regression, you will remember everything you experienced. Over time, new layers of insight and understanding emerge spontaneously.

Can Everyone Be Regressed?

Regression therapy is not for everyone. That’s why I spend time on the phone with you before we book an appointment. I ask questions about your personal history to get a feeling for the issues you might want to address in the session, to make sure this type of therapy is appropriate for you. But despite all my experience and care, there’s no way I can know for sure if you will be able to access a past life memory until we try it. Still, the odds are good: about 95% of my clients do go back to a past life in the first session.

Clients who did not access a past life memory sometimes find that they were changed by something that came up during the interview–apparently, just from focusing on their issues with me – or from regressing to an early childhood experience, which is not uncommon.

What Results Can I Expect From My Session?

Many different things can come out of a session. Re-experiencing and processing a past life memory might help you understand and resolve current relationships, begin to untangle emotional problems including phobias and compulsions, and even heal physical complaints. It might explain mysteries in your life and give you a greater sense of peace. Perhaps the greatest benefit is experiencing yourself as a soul who has lived before and will live again. Really knowing this can give you a different perspective, perhaps a little more objectivity, on your current life and make you feel differently about your death.

I cannot say what will happen in your session, but any or all of these benefits are possible, based on what I’ve seen in the past.

How Many Sessions Do You Suggest?

Some clients find that one session gives them a tremendous jolt of insight that takes time to process. Remember, this is not talk therapy. It goes far deeper. However, some clients find that returning for follow-up sessions help them continue the journey and heal. I may suggest you consider doing more sessions, depending on what your experience is. But it’s always your choice, and you may find that one session is enough.

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