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Quondam Selves™

I am really excited to share with you an idea that has been in the making for several years now.

It is a unique concept to identify your blocks, internal conflicts, limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour.


What is “Quondam Selves™”?

We all know the inner child. As an inner child therapist, I was becoming aware that I was covering so much more in sessions. The Inner Child is a good analogy, but it’s a minor element of what I am working with. The inner child is the basis to Quondam Selves.

My intention is to pioneer a new area beyond the inner child, by bridging the gap between your present day self and the inner child.

I have supported my clients on their journey in enabling them to find their own answers, by empowering them with a set of strategies designed to support them to make permanent, positive changes that will allow them to live their best life. I have now put a name to my work.

Quondam Selves
Collins Dictionary interpretation of Quondam:
of an earlier time; former.
Quondam was first used in the 16th Century!

Main Services

I can help you unpack your emotional baggage by helping you transform your life from the inside out by:
  • Discovering how Trapped Emotions might be holding you back
  • Exposing which emotions they are and where they may have come from

My intention is to support you in peeling back the layers of conditioning and archaic beliefs.

I’d like you to picture for just a moment what your life would look like if you understood all of your triggers.  

  • Do you know what your triggers are?
  • Are you aware that your triggers are connected with a suppressed memory?

Our triggers do not have to be only linked to trauma.  Triggers can be linked to a whole host of suppressed memories.  We learn to grow around them.  We haven’t acknowledged nor integrated them.

We brush ourselves down and keep moving forwards and leave just a little piece of us behind.

This is our Quondam Selves™.  The part of us that we have forgotten, ignored, suppressed because it’s to painful to bear, too difficult to comprehend or we put it down to experience and move on.

We need to move forwards in a conscious evolved way by healing what we have subconsciously suppressed.

We strive to be the best version of ourselves, but ignorance of what the subconscious mind does is the reason we have such a hard time with troublesome thoughts and feelings. It’s a journey of being self-aware:

  • Are you actively listening to your self-talk?
  • How are you responding to your negative self-talk?
  • How do you respond to negativity from others?
  • Do you view a set-back as an opportunity to learn and grow or to become stuck in the drama of it?
  • Are you striving for perfection or progress?  

Learning about your Quondam Selves™ is shining a light on to where you are emotionally arrested that then influences your subsequent self.   Present day situations can trigger unresolved emotions surprising us as to why we have responded in such a strong way, necessitating time to pause and reflect which memory has resurfaced requiring our attention.  The emotion of that memory needs careful consideration and patience to help it heal and integrate.

This part is our Quondam Self a term that I’ve created to address our woundedness outside of the inner child. 

  • Are you repeating patterns?
  • Are you struggling to understand your anxiety?
  • Are you unhappy even though you have all that you want?
  • Are you holding anger?
  • Are you stuck in grief?

The less we are able to bring our past to light, the more likely it is to shape our lives, unfortunately, often in ways we don’t desire.

On the other side of exposing the Quondam Self comes some personal resolution and the real Self will emerge from beneath the emotional rubble.

Experience More

Join Marlene & Team March 2023

If you’d like to learn more about Quondam Selves you may be interested in attending my very first retreat on 9th March 2023 – 12th March 2023 to explore our Quondam Selves. for more information please click here