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Developing Your Intuition Workshop

Are you psychic or highly intuitive? 
Do you ever simply ‘know’ things in advance? 
Would you like to develop these abilities in a fun way?
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This course is for beginners to intermediates in finding out how to develop your intuition and to uncover your natural psychic abilities.

This is a practical course, and learning will revolve around experiences you encounter in the nurturing environment of a relaxing classroom.

You will be gently guided to find out how to:

  •  Identify your various abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience.
  •  Learn simple breathing exercises to improve your abilities
  •  Learn easy techniques to boost your psychic abilities
  •  Find out how your chakras have a bearing on your psychic abilities
  •  Practise your abilities in a nurturing environment
  • Understand the difference between clairvoyance and mediumship through experience.
  • Exchange and discuss your experiences and how to maximize your psychic abilities.

Chakra Workshop

My intention with this Chakra Workshop is to teach you the importance of the chakra system, enabling you to be more empowered and connected with your energetic selves (spiritual bodies) so you can create more energy, healing, abundance and self-empowerment in your lives.

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It’s about getting to know yourself at the subtle levels of your being, by exploring the human energy field through the seven major chakras. We will examine each chakra in detail; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each will be discussed allowing for introspection and the development of self-awareness. I will be recommending specific techniques to undertake after the workshop to enable you to maximise the benefits from the chakra workshop into your daily life.

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Sunday 13th January | 10-5

Reiki & Energy Healing

Ever wondered about your personal energy? What can you do to better discover and feel that which is inside of you? Come and learn how to feel and develop your own energy. Learn how to keep yourself clean energetically. Learn about the fundamentals of Reiki and Energy Healing.

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This introductory workshop will give you a full experience of Reiki and Energy Healing. You will be able to tap into your own, innate Reiki energy and have many techniques to use at home.

During this introductory workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Relax and centre yourself using simple meditation techniques
  • Connect more deeply with your true nature
  • Experience less anger, less worry, less fear
  • Start healing yourself & others on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels
  • See how Reiki can help the animals in your life too
  • Enjoy life so much more!

An Introduction to Reiki and Energy Healing is about the benefits, how it works and how it can help you in achieving your feel-good life. Experience a glimpse of the calmness and peacefulness Reiki and Energy Healing offers.

Reiki promotes relaxation, calmness and balance. Reiki is simple to apply and simple to learn. Reiki is complementary to all other treatments and therapies.

Some Benefits of Reiki and Energy Healing:

  • Dissipates energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit;
  • Increases energy levels; Mind, body and Soul
  • Transform the body from stress and tension to relaxation
  • Clears the mind and improves focus;
  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability
  • Raises spiritual awareness
  • Reiki is for personal, professional and spiritual growth

Psychic Development An Introduction Workshop

Most of us have an interest in the intuitive and seemingly mysterious abilities that all humans are born having. This is your opportunity to take a closer look at your own.

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In this introductory workshop you will that everyone is psychic. It’s a natural, normal human instinct. Discover how to use the full capacity of your mind and to incorporate your innate psychic abilities into new and exciting experiences.

You will learn: 

  • How to develop your senses to uncover your style of psychic power.
  • Sensing The Energies which surround all people.
  • Working with the energies of the Pendulum.
  • Putting your abilities into everyday life.
  • The importance of Grounding.
  • Connection through meditation.
  • Protection.
Sunday 10th March | 10-5

Oracle cards, Pendulums and other methods for Readings

In this Workshop, you will learn the 3 steps to easily uncovering the mystery of The Oracle Cards, Pendulums and Other Methods For Readings to infuse their magic throughout your whole life....
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You might have seen or heard about Oracle Cards, Pendulums And Other Methods For Readings, Psychics often use them as tools to ‘see’ into your future or to gain a deeper insight into your past, or you might have seen some of them in crystal shops or book stores. 
Have you ever wondered if you could use these tools yourself? Is it really possible for you to tap into your magick and use these cards at home to create a more powerful and abundant life? Are you a little curious to see whether you could use these tools to provide you with daily guidance to support you and to provide you with insights for your life, right now?
During this workshop you will learn how to connect with your intuition on a much deeper level and discover how you can easily use these tools to support you throughout your life in profoundly beautiful ways.
This workshop will have you walking out feeling confident and ready to embrace the wisdom and the magick of these tools and how to play with them to really connect into your magick and how to engage in the gorgeous flow of life.
You will leave the workshop with everything you need to start giving readings for yourself and your loved ones. 
You will give and receive readings on the day as you begin to play with the magick of these beautiful tools, in the safe space I have created for you.
In this Workshop, you will learn…
  • How to easily set-up these tools for effective readings
  • The simplest ways to clear your space of unwanted energy
  • How these tools communicate with you
  • The hidden messages or signs and how to find them
  • How to set yourself up for clarity in your readings
  • How to really connect to your intuition, when giving a reading or drawing a card
  • Other fun ways that you can use these tools to infuse the magick of them throughout your life!
Working with these tools is a powerful way to tap into our inner wisdom and intuition, receive guidance from Spirit, and empower our intentions.

 This workshop teaches about these amazing tools for self-discovery and personal development.
4th-5th May - Saturday & Sunday

2 Day Retreat

This retreat will be covering all areas of the psychic/healing/intuitive world... more will be revealed nearer the time.  If you are interested in attending this retreat, contact me and I will put you on the evergrowing list!

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Developing Your Intuition

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  • Healing with Archetypes
  • Reflexology – It just works!
  • The Symbology & Values of the EnerChi Vibes Brand

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