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“The work I do with you continues well beyond the therapy room.

Each session incorporates an element of coaching and plenty of self-help tools, designed to empower you to make permanent, positive changes in between appointments and for the rest of your life.  These might include learning specific breathing exercises to help you cope with anxiety or showing you how to massage certain reflexology points to lessen physical ailments such as headaches.

My philosophy is to ensure that you develop the skills to establish a sense of mastery over your own life; and my ultimate goal is to help you become your own therapist.”

  Change your Mind, Heal your Body and Empower your Spirit.
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EnerChi Vibes Has Recently Fulfilled A Dream, Years In The Making, For Me…

I’ve created items to support you on your healing journey, here is the link to my shop.

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Marlene Offers In-Person Treatments

I help clients achieve equilibrium in their day-to-day life and realise optimal wellness of mind body and spirit. This is achieved through a unique fusion of treatments and therapies, enhanced to suit the needs of the individual at every stage of transformation.
Mental and emotional disturbances experienced from anxiety, depression, grief, betrayal, anger or relationship difficulties impact our immune system, cloud our thinking and our ability to deal with everyday stressors. My work is to support you to put into practice behaviours that help reduce pain symptoms, calm your nervous system and open up energy channels for wellbeing, creativity and positive purpose.


You can book an appointment with Marlene online, whether it’s your first or a follow on from your previous treatment/therapy.  

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Colour Therapy in the Home – using Chakras in Decoration

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View all Reviews

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